Most people have at least one attempt to lose unnecessary pounds. Slimming one comes relatively easy, others are unsuccessfully fighting overweight. Much depends on the willpower and the consequences of sticking to the principles of a slimming treatment. The diet itself is not without significance – it cannot be too restrictive or nutrient deficient.




Before you start slimming, is one of the basic factors helping to achieve goals. In the process of losing weight plays a big part of the awareness of why the decision to lose weight has occurred. The answer to this question is a motivator of the weight loss process and sometimes helps to perceive suppressed emotional conflicts (compulsive eating, compulsive dietary restrictions).


Obesity, diabetes, gout, thyroid disease – how to diagnose these diseases?

Obesity, diabetes, gout, thyroid disease – what connects these distant medical units? Why have they been mentioned in one breath? All are related to abnormalities of metabolism – metabolic defects and are termed metabolic diseases.

Constant, elevated blood glucose and life-threatening, rapid spikes in glucose levels – this is diabetes, often the dramatic consequence of excessive obesity and physical inactivity.

And the finale? Damage to kidneys, cardiovascular system, sight, leg amputation due to diabetic foot … Gout – metabolic disease leading to the formation of urinary crystals that damage the joints.

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Can Fat Turn Into Muscle Or Muscle Into Fat?

3 pounds of fat mass is more voluminous than a muscle that weighs the same. This is because two people with the same weight can look diametrically different.

Let’s be honest – muscles are better than soft and curled fat.

Fat masks the body lines and collapses at the junction of muscle groups. It makes our sculpture simply invisible.

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Boost Energy & Control Hunger

Protein is found in all of your body’s cells. It is the essential nutrient that is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all of your organs, tissues, muscles, brain, and bones. This individual built in repair kit occurs at the cellular level in our bodies. Protein regulates everything – our blood circulation, our metabolism, and our immune system.

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A Pleasurable Dieting And Weightloss Experience

Tired of the same old do’s and don’t when it comes to dieting and weight loss? If you’re one of the many women trekking the hard path to weight loss, you’ve probably come across programs that tell you to avoid certain kinds of food. There are those that recommend vigorous exercises to rev up your metabolism but only allows you to eat a third of your usual intake. Chances are, you feel deprived. And this deprivation will probably cause you to binge later or have mood swings. It could even affect your work and family life.

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