Don’t buy these Diet Pills

Regarding weight loss, there been not many scientific backups and usually, weight loss programs have risk associated with it. As a result, you should talk to the doctor before taking any kind of weight loss supplements.

In addition to this, be mindful of the fact that the FDA has revealed some weight loss supplements, which contain prescribed drugs in them. So, you can exactly say what you taking.

Furthermore, the FDA regulates the dietary supplements. However, they treat them like foods instead of medications. Dissimilar to the drug manufacturers claim, the supplement producers are not obliged to say whether their product is safe or not.

Here is the list of Diet Pills You should Never Try

Guar Gum: Guar Gum is extracted from  the seed of the guar plant and it happens    to work while preventing the absorption of fats as well as it will let you feel full.

guar gumAdditionally, studies have shown that Guar Gum is ineffective for weight loss program. With that, the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database labeled it as ineffective for weight loss.

It might also cause the following side effects –

  • gas

  • diarrhea

  • Hoodia

    Furthermore, Guar Gum grows extensively in the Kalahari Desert in Africa and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has shed light on the fact that the stem of the root was conventionally utilized by Bushman for reducing hunger and thirst throughout the hunting expeditions.

  Garcinia    Cambogia

 Garcinia    cambogia is a tropical fruit,  which is known as the  Malabar tamarind.


It is a famous weight loss supplement that has the capability to block the body’s capacity to make fat and it will reduce your appetite.

Also, it will maintain the blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

How does it work?

Studies have found out that the active ingredients in the fruit’s rind, rind, hydroxyl citric acid, or HCA have developed fat-burning and thus, it cut back the appetite.

It will block the enzyme called citrate lyase that is used to make body fat. In addition to this, it will raise the levels of brain chemical serotonin that makes you less hungry.

However, the weight loss results of it are not impressive. According to the review of Journal of Obesity, garcinia cambogia is able to help people to lose around two pounds.

But, there is some confusion regarding the review as no one could say that it is effective enough to lose weight. Also, the weight loss could be for lower-calorie diet and exercise programs, which people take extensively.

So, more studies are needed to find out if HCA helps people to lose weight.

Type-2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol

Generally, Garcinia cambogia makes it easier for the body to utilize glucose and mice, which got garcinia cambogia, had a lower level of insulin.

This is why people are interested in garcinia cambogia. However, people who are taking garcinia cambogia with a medication to control the blood sugar, glucose can get dangerously low.

Some research has figured out that garcinia cambogia can improve cholesterol levels and lowers the triglycerides and LDL (the “bad” cholesterol).

Also, it raises HDL (the “good” cholesterol), but it is advisable not to use it while taking a prescription for cholesterol.

The probable Side Effects

Following are the possible side effects of Garcinia cambogia

  • Dizziness

  • Dry mouth

  • Headache

  • Upset stomach or diarrhea

In the year of 2009, the Food and Drug Administration had warned everybody not take to weight loss product that contains garcinia cambogia.

The reason for this is that people would get serious liver problems. As a result, it is not clear that whether it is capable of helping people.

Some studies have said that it is effective while others have said that it is not up to the mark.

Garcinia cambogia is harmful with the following elements:

  • Asthma and allergy medicines such as Accolate and Singulair

  • Diabetes medicines, including pills and insulin

  • Iron, for anemia

  • Pain medicines

  • Prescriptions for psychiatric conditions

  • Statins, drugs that lower cholesterol

  • Warfarin, a blood thinner

Also, pregnant women are advised to avoid Garcinia cambogia and people with kidney or liver problems would be better off without it.



2 thoughts on “Don’t buy these Diet Pills”

  1. Most people choose diet pill for slim, without regarding the impact. Actually with exercise and eating food that low carbohydrate is the most recommended slim program.


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