5 tips for boosting Your Metabolism

Is it possible to make your metabolism better?

The main essence of weight loss is boosting your metabolism, but how much calories will be burned depends on several factors.

Many people are born with a speedy metabolism.

Typically, men are capable of burning more calories than women even when they are resting. Our body’s metabolism will gradually slow down after getting to the age of 40.

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Also, you can’t control the age, gender or genetical issues. However, there are other ways which you will be able to boost your metabolism.

So, let’s take a look at the five useful tips for boosting your metabolism.


Create the muscle

Human bodies are subjected to burn calories in a consistent manner, even when you are resting.

This resting metabolic rate is very high in people with great muscle. Each pound of muscle employs about six calories a day to uphold itself. Also, every pound of fat burns just two calories per day.

This little differentiation can be added up over time. When you will go through a strength training session, your muscles will be activated all over the body, and thus the average metabolic rate will increase.


Burn calories with sufficient water 

water drink

 To process calories, the body needs water and if the body is still gently dehydrated, the metabolism might slow down.

According to a study, adults drinking eight or more glasses of water a day burned calories to a greater extent than adults drinking four glasses of water.1

In order to be hydrated, you should drink a glass of water or any other unsweetened beverage before taking meals.

Plus, a fresh snack of fresh fruits along with vegetables contains natural water is much more effective than pretzels or chips.


Make your body strong with protein



When you eat and digest protein, you body tend to burn more calories than while eating fat or carbohydrates.

A balanced diet will definitely include and replace the carbohydrates with protein-rich foods to improve the metabolism.

The main sources of protein are turkey, fish, white meat chicken, lean beef, beans, eggs, tofu, nuts, and low-fat dairy products.

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Refresh yourself with ‘Green Tea’


 Green tea and oolong tea are capable of providing benefits of both caffeine and catechins.

It has a special substance that will increase the metabolism within a couple of hours.

According to researchers, drinking two or four cups of either green tea or oolong tea would push the body to burn calories up to 17%. This rate is better than exercising moderately for a short period of time.

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Ignore crash diets


 Ignoring crash diets are extremely important since it is harmful to your body nutrition.

Although it may reduce your weights, but it will come at the expense of losing valuable nutrition from the body. Also, it can contribute to the loss of muscles and it can slow down your metabolism.

As a result, the body will burn fewer calories and you will quickly gain more weight. So, try to avoid crash diets for improving your metabolism.

Let us meet in the comments. What tips work for you?  What would you like to try?… or just say Hi 🙂




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