MYTH: Are Carbohydrates an enemy to your weight loss program?


There is a myth that carbohydrates are considered the enemy of the weight loss program. 

But, before taking things granted you should really know whether carbohydrates are harmful or not.

So, let’s have a crack at this weight loss myth to know the real thing.

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The Truth: There is no problem in good carbohydrates, which means you can actually eat the good ones.

While eating carbohydrates you can still lose your weight.

In recent times, several trendy diet plans are have emerged on the principle that a high protein/low carbohydrate diet is extremely important to weight loss.

Surprisingly, this is a false statement and there is no need to abolish eating as some type of carbohydrates will certainly help you in your weight loss program.


Like fruits and vegetables are food good carbohydrates. So, you can eat them. Following are some important reasons for not to believe that carbohydrates are detrimental to weight loss.

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Healthy Carbohydrates will make you feel full: Foods such as muffins, cupcakes, french fries, white bread, and white rice are all bad carbohydrate foods.

All of them are refined and processed, so, they don’t possess any kind nutritional value.

Ultimately, they will help to gain weight.

Now, how do you identify the good carbohydrates?

Well, foods with 100 percent whole grain and fiber-rich are considered to be good and they can make you feel full. The reason behind this is that they are slowly consumed by the body and also, they keep the blood pressure in optimum condition.

Also, nonstarchy vegetables along with fruits and beans, oats, wild rice can be good carbohydrates.


Human Bodies need Carbohydrates: Human bodies need carbohydrates and depriving the body of carbohydrates will not bring a good effect on your weight loss.

Besides, it can cause problems in your metabolism. According to a study, a woman had not eaten carbohydrates for three days and in the end, she ate excessive carbohydrates on the next day.

So, it is not a good idea to ignore carbohydrates as they serve the body immensely. You ought to have carbs, protein along with fat in each meal.


The healthy balance diet consists of 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat.

Carbohydrates will shield against diseases: The people who tend to eat three servings of whole grains per day are 30% less probable to catch type 2 diabetes.

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The blend of healthy carbs can control your blood sugar and thus, you can avoid diabetes also. Besides, carbohydrates can fight against a lot of diseases such as phytochemicals.

Also, if we don’t eat carbohydrates, we can’t fight against several big diseases like metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation, cancer, heart disease, and digestive problems.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, don’t take refined and processed carbohydrates instead of white flour and white rice. It will be a big mistake if you do that. There are healthy carbohydrates that can form an essential part of your body’s weight loss program. So, enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

What is your opinion?  What good carbohydrates do you like?

Please leave a comment below.

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