7 Reasons Prove that You Are Not Losing Weight


not losing weightDespite working hard for losing weight you might not actually get the desired result. With some missteps, all your work can be damaged and you would be back to zero again. So what are major reasons for not losing weight? Let’s find out .


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1.  Sitting too much is harmful


 According to a study, even if you do intense exercise, you will not be able to lose weight if you sit too much.

People focus too much on exercise and not enough on activity. I also recommended to get an activity tracker and aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

2.  Don’t do excessive workouts
If you workout too much with the same training session, there is a possibility that you might get bored.
It can affect your muscles also. Mix it up at the gym! If you’re bored, so are your muscles.

To keep your body changing , you have to keep the workouts changing. So, need some inspiration? You can attend a new fitness class or can do some additional strength training to the cardio sessions.

3.  Don’t burn your calories excessively
 You are sprinting and spinning too much, but do you know it is grueling and hurting your weight loss program?
There’s no need to always push you to exhaustion and too much cardio can increase your stress hormones and create an aversion to exercise.
This can even increase your appetite, which is caused by excessively burned calories to ‘Permissive effect’.

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If you’ve killed it at Soul Cycle, you’re more likely to avoid extra activity – like walking to meet a friend instead of driving – and say yes to the dessert tray because you tell yourself, ‘I’ve already spun today. I don’t need to do any more exercise and I deserve a treat.’

 4.  There is no term like – Juice Cleanse
 First of all, there is no such thing as cleanse. Our body is constantly replacing all of its cells and cleansing itself.
Most juices are closer to dessert than a balanced meal and because of its high sugar content and lack of the three nutrients essential to qualify your food as a healthy meal – protein, fiber and healthy fats.

Also, juice cleanse will make you hungry, irritable, and can even make you gain weight in the long run!

5.  Make your own food in the kitchen
 Usually, we don’t make our food in the kitchen and, as a result, we don’t know what we are eating. We’re eating out more than we ever have as a culture.
 As a result, we have less control over what goes in our food, how it’s made, and its portion size.
 Making food for you is the key to losing weight and a very good way to do is to start blending. Smoothies allow you to make a complete healthy meal in under a minute.

So, make sure that you have included a little bit of fat to fill you up and add a bit of protein also to build a lean figure with metabolism increased muscle.

6.  Try free meals in a week
 In the past, I used to agree that people could benefit from a cheat day, but it’s really too restrictive the other six days of the week.
 We end up gorging so badly on the seventh day that we tend to set ourselves backward and make ourselves feel ill in the process. But that doesn’t mean you can’t splurge every once in a while.
 It means I advise you to eat the foods that you love, but it should be limited. Cheat’ with ‘Free’ and ‘Day’ with ‘Meal’. I can also suggest that you can have two free meals a week.
7.  Drink some calorie-free water
 While trying to lose weight, you should be drinking a lot of water. Unchecked dehydration can be mistaken for hunger.
So, you can certainly drink some calorie-free beverage during the day.



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