MYTH: Exercising Make You Eat More



Do you feel insatiable hunger in the last stage of your of vigorous exercise session?

To be honest, that hungriness could actually be in your mind. Find out if killing it in the gym is driving you to eat more calories.
The reality resides in the science.

The Truth

Studies have revealed that exercise actually holds back food intake.

Are you one of those persons who straightway grabs a food or gulps down a sugary, colorful sports drink to “re-fuel” themselves, after a long period of hard exercise?
In reality, this manner stems more from habit than from real, genuine hunger. In fact, statistics shows that exercise prevents your hunger!
 The hunger-invigorating hormones will diminish when you take exercises.The hormone ghrelin that arouses your hunger, physical activity decreases its release, which in turn helps keep your appetite at bay.
 You are probably thinking how much does it prevent?

However, it may depend on what sort of workouts you are engaged in. A UK study bank in 2008, states that cardio training is more producing an intended result than resistance exercise in inhibiting hunger for approximately two hours after an activity.

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This is happening due to the hormonal changes in the discharge of ghrelin and peptide YY.
 The Hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin reduced by applying equally in each of two alternative activities, but the gut hormone peptide YY, that suppresses appetite, improved only during cardio.

But you should always keep that in your mind, these outcomes could vary from person to person.

However, other research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, states that workout considerably drops our reaction to food cues after exercise.

Investigators found that body building may decrease your appetite by shifting how parts of your brain reaction to the sight of food.

Eating food after a workout can turn into a habit that is hard to crack.

Do you often go out for coffee or bagels with your friends afterward your Saturday spin class?
 Or think about grabbing burgers and beers while using guys after a recreational basketball game?
bread-food-restaurant-peopleThese types of attitudes can turn into a pattern — one you’ll act about whether you’re feeling hungry or not necessarily. The most important thing is to pay attention to the cues of your body.
Reward yourself with something in addition to food — like a massage to help ease your achy muscles.
Take a small, healthy snack to curb hunger pangs.
I’ve told you so many times that you can eat yourself through any exercise.
That is, you can exercise continuously and then try to eat poorly as well as basically negate everybody of the hard work you’ve put in place.
 What a waste! On the other side, not adding calories back when your body desires it could be a costly habit too.
 Just as I always suggest everybody to fuel their bodies with a food containing carbohydrates and protein before an exercise, eating a healthy food (NOT a full-blown meal) after a workout is a pretty good idea as well.
The time after an exercise is known as the golden period (45 to 60 minutes following training), when muscles soak up the most nutrients and energy-providing glycogen is substituted for the most competently.
 A food that has both protein and carbohydrates will give you the best outcomes.

Here are some good examples of healthy, post-training foods – a fruit smoothie made by using low-fat yogurt or milk, a small size of an apple with walnuts or a hard-boiled egg using a large pear.

The Bottom Line: Don’t be frightened to work out for the reason that it will make you eat more.
 Actually, exercises help you to eat less amount of food besides that it burns your additional calories.


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