Identify Why You Overeat

Do you ever think or care about what sort of emotional demon can be hidden and be waiting for an ambush in your wardrobe (or refrigerator)? Are you frightening or confused? 

Well, it’s already not too late as you think, come on let’s find out them and kill them forever. To become successful or win a war sometimes just falling back and regrouping can be a good strategy.



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Here in this article, for achieving your target, ‘falling back’ or “stepping back” means go through your past and current self-defeating activities to find out where you got stuck, what are your weakness, what things discouraged you, what are your obstacles or overwhelmed that has been keeping you away from your goal.

There are some most common and important causes of overeating.


My suggestion is for you to take hold of a pen and paper and write down all the excuses that are pretty familiar to you and insists you overeat.




People can eat too much as a coping mechanism, to numb suffering, battle with loneliness, diminish or lessen fears and so on.



Many people reward themselves with some extra or delicious foods when they’ve done a good job or something astonishing.


Seeking acknowledgement



Lots of people overeat because they believe it can add some social value to them or else they are always seeking social acceptance.
 Do you believe that do not eat rich foods at parties are offensive to the host? Do you feel the necessity have a drink just to fit in when you’re hanging out with your friends?
 To conclude this article I just want to say that add to your list any other situations as much as you can that have spoiled your success.

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