Best 8 Bedtime Snacks

Before taking bedtime snacks, you need to consider a few things.Researchers proved that late-night calories are the main reason for gaining too much weight and according to another study, eating before sleep makes you more restive in the next day.

 Also, you will catch fatigue and your appetite will grow massively. Another fact is that late-night eating is related to stress eating and you will be overindulged in high-fat comfort calories.


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Furthermore, when your stomach is filled with gas, eating is not a good option.
 Your sleep will be hampered and ultimately you will feel tired and hungry in the morning. Both of these things can lead to overeating and your healthy diet plan will be in danger of being ruined.
 So, it would be wise to eat low-calorie and sleep-inducing snacks that will not cause you to feel bloated.
  Here are the right useful bedtime snacks that you can eat before sleep:


String Cheese



String cheese usually contains protein and fat, which will make you feel satiated. Also, it packs about 80 calories only. Besides, cheese can make you feel real sleepy since they have amino acid tryptophan.



  A Bowl of Cereal


Eating sugar before sleep will make you wired and it can give you a stomach ache. You can take whole-grain such as oatmeal, corn or bran flakes. It is fairly a complex carbohydrate that will be easy to digest.
 Also, it will give 200 calories or less per bowl and if you add a little bit of milk to get an extra tryptophan and protein.


  Greek Yogurt



Greek Yogurt comprises of 100 to 150 calories that will allow you to have the relaxing power of tryptophan, as well as a bit of protein. Also, it can cool your stomach, which will help you to avoid heartburn or indigestion.


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  Two Slices of White-Meat Turkey



Turkey is full of sleep-inducing tryptophan and low-fat along with high-quality protein. So, a few slices of White-Meat Turkey will not get more than 100 calories.


  An Apple with a Spoonful of Peanut Butter



Apples possess a lot of fiber with a gratifying crunch. Besides, the protein in a peanut or almond butter will fill you up without feeling heaving your stomach.

Apples possess a lot of fiber with a gratifying crunch. Besides, the protein in a peanut or almond butter will fill you up without feeling heaving your stomach.



Non-fat Chocolate Pudding Cup


Generally, the creamy chocolate pudding is tasty and doesn’t comprise the fat, which will cause you to gain weight. A single pack of chocolate pudding will rack up around 90 calories.


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  Baby Carrots



This is a super nutritious snack that possesses a lot of crunches. They usually will load you up causing you to fall asleep and each of the carrots will rack four fat-free calories.



A Banana


Bananas are filled with satiating fiber and relaxing tryptophan (each of them will rack only 100 calories). However, they are a perfect for bedtime snacks.
Bon appétit!


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