Realizing the Insulin Resistance System: Avoid Weight Gain


For low-carb diet plans, people have talked a lot about insulin and various reasons, insulin has been the main cause of some of the most devastating health conditions as it is more than capable of affecting every cell.
It plays a vital role in using the food and the most prominent role of insulin is that it lowers the concentration of glucose in the blood.

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After eating something, the digestive system will break the foods into glucose and it will be recirculated in the blood system.

This increasing level of glucose, the pancreas will release a surge of insulin, which will clear the glucose from the blood. Now, some of this glucose will be transferred to the liver, which in turn will be converted into stored glucose.

This is called glycogen, which is used in the muscles lately. Next, insulin will assist in turning the leftover glucose into fatty acids and thus, it will store them in fat cells. This will be tapped for fuel later.

If you make poor food choices and take too many highly processed and refined carbohydrates, then too much Insulin will be created into the body.
Besides, if this cycle is maintained several times (like recurring eating of sugary junk on an empty stomach), the pancreas of the body will overcompensate and it will create too much insulin.
Afterward, the cell of the body will start ignoring this and it is called insulin resistance.


Also, it is the precursor to diabetes 2, which is a general problem for most overweight people.

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To add to this fact, if this leftover insulin has remained in the blood too long, then it will become impaired fasting glucose (if measured in the morning) or impaired glucose tolerance (if measured two hours after a meal).It can create full-blown diabetes if your condition is unchecked at both situations.
Furthermore, a high amount of blood glucose release insulin and a low amount will suppress it. The main goal of the diet plan is to keep a low-level of insulin.It will let the body tap the stored fat for fuel. In contrast to this situation, if your body is insulin resistant, then it can hurt your weight loss program.
So, avoid spikes in the blood sugar through consistent eating. You can eat carbohydrates with protein and at the same time, you can ignore sugar juices along with fruits and highly-processed carbohydrates.

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Keep in mind that if the insulin release system works perfectly, your weight loss program will also be in tip-top condition. Therefore, work hard as much as possible and be in shape.




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