Before you start slimming, is one of the basic factors helping to achieve goals. In the process of losing weight plays a big part of the awareness of why the decision to lose weight has occurred. The answer to this question is a motivator of the weight loss process and sometimes helps to perceive suppressed emotional conflicts (compulsive eating, compulsive dietary restrictions).


The motivation for weight loss is greater if slimming and diet are used in the group. Nothing is as motivating as the results of a friend or friend. The first step in the fight for your dream figure is to understand that the weight loss process is a long-term goal. Do not expect effects to be seen right away.

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Reasons for weight reduction


most common reasons for weight loss include:

low self-esteem (appearance)

malaise (health problems, poor physical condition)

willingness to gain acceptance of others need to take control of your body = life (anorexia, bulimia)



The last point concerns primarily eating disorders, such as compulsive overeating, which dampens the desire to satisfy emotional needs. The guilt that occurs after a bully attack in bulimia causes them to provoke vomiting, go to laxatives and diuretic.

For anorexics, refraining from eating foods strengthen their sense of self-esteem and sense of independence. They gain a sense of control over your body, which satisfies the need to control your life.


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In case of eating disorders, it is important to detect a previously negative pattern of treatment. Very often anorexia, bulimia is characterized by a very innocent beginning they begin with the desire to look after for a better form.

However, people with prone to eating disorders, such as anorexia, can start to develop very quickly, changing their self-image, weight loss priorities, putting the bar of ideal weight higher and higher (which equates to a lower number of pounds).



To prevent this, or as soon as you notice the transition from a healthy weight loss to an overdose of food, it is important to pay attention to such factors as:


* target (real, final)

*motivation (what is motivation to lose weight?)

*determining the optimal BMI

* consultation with dietician

* consulting a psychologist or taking psychotherapy to work on provocative mechanisms for overeating and/or obsessive thinking about weight loss.


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Psychological causes of overweight


One of the reasons for overweight is to associate food with pleasure. Social gatherings usually take place during a jointly eaten meal. It is not only common to associate food with pleasure, but also the pleasure of intensifying food.

Building such associations takes place from the birth of the baby-from hugging to the mother breast when food is accompanied by a sense of intimacy, warmth, and security, by rewarding slightly older children already sweet.


So if you take a look at the model of food = pleasure, such examples could be really great. No wonder it’s so easy to reach for a snack when we feel bad or when we’re dealing with chronic stress.


Stress management


Stress, especially the chronic, is very tiring for the human body. Its excess promotes fat deposition through the cortisol secreted at that time. An organism that is constantly on the attack is accompanied by a sense of exhaustion and lack of energy. To get it, there is a feeling of hunger, especially in the form of a huge appetite for simple carbohydrates, which will quickly increase blood sugar levels.

Some foods also improve mood by stimulating the secretion of endorphin`s: chocolate, cocoa. All mentioned snacks have unfortunately one obvious drawback-caloric.


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The food calms down. If we associate it with pleasure, a sense of security, it easily becomes a way to react to a heavy, stressful day. In addition, after eating a hearty meal, the blood pressure is clearly lowered, the person becomes drowsy, relaxed, feeling relaxed.


Unhealthy habits


People who are overweight often do not pay attention to small, but very unhealthy habits in their lifestyle. And that is precisely this factor that causes obesity problems in up to 90% of patients. The most common and socially acceptable habits include, but are not limited to:

* forgetting about a valuable, nutritious breakfast

*snacking during the day sweet and fattening snacks

*food at late hours

*frequent visits to junk food



Satisfying oral needs


According to Sigmund Freud, the tendency for overeating may develop during personality development. If frustration arises due to unmet needs, oral surgery needs to temporarily replace it by discharging tension. Such a person is then able to eat a lot. The need for food is a result of hunger but of satisfying another dampened need-for example, the need for closeness, tenderness, acceptance, love and other emotions.



Motivation for weight loss-ways


Motivation is the most important determinant of success in slimming. It is she who determines whether and to what extent perseverance in the decisions is possible. Good motivation for slimming serves to set yourself all the reasons for wanting to lose weight, and all the obstacles that may appear along the way. Then, it is possible to find possible solutions in advance, which will help to deal with such “disturbers”.


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The motivation for weight loss will be more effective if we set an attractive but realistic goal to achieve. It is important to determine the various stages of the slimming process and to identify them in time. The goal should not be very distant. Better start with small steps and concentrate on your attention.



It is also a good idea to use affirmations swapping all negative thoughts on one’s own and negating the daily activities for positive and motivating substitutes.

Effective slimming should be in the group. Nothing motivates you to lose weight as much as the results of your closest friend or friend. In achieving the purpose of slimming person can support other people or motivational notes in the calendar, notebook, glued to the wall, pictures from the time when the person liked the most.


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Another helpful motivator may be to set up a day plan hanging in a prominent place, as well as a calendar where you can check out the next days in which you have followed the diet and exercise routine. The creative invention helps to make weight loss more time and motivates.



Motivation for weight loss – rules


Here are some rules that you should follow on your way to health care for your weight and in keeping with your psyche.

The power of will – before taking on weight loss, devise a strategy for coping with the moments when your weight loss motivation will decrease.

Mark each day in a special place, such as a notebook, a notebook, what you have achieved.


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Avoid the sweets in the hypermarket and do not go shopping hungry. In the store, act decisively, concentrate on what you came for him. Do not be fooled by the temptation of colorful packaging.

Healthy sleep is the basis. Take care of sleep hygiene and regular lifestyle. Studies show that lack of sleep affects hunger.

Develop in yourself the sense that you are responsible for your silhouette, and it is up to you and your will to decide whether or not you will lose weight. Do not drop the responsibility for genes. We only inherit tendency to overweight. More than 90% of overweight people suffer from bad habits and bad lifestyle.



If you feel that you have to reach for something to eat to calm down, opt for a healthy alternative-educate yourself in the desire to take a sip of mineral water, chewing gum, and exercise a relaxation exercise.

When you eat, focus your attention solely on food-do not combine this with other pleasures. Do not eat while watching TV. Take care of relaxation and relieve stress.

Compensate excess tension with non-food-related pleasures. Take a walk with your friend, to the cinema, to the pool. Live actively-physical activity is conducive to overcoming obsessive thinking about food.


Supporting methods


Imagine how you will look and feel when you lose weight.

Sign up for yoga or other classes in the group.

Buy a number for a small dress.

Remember that the motivation for losing weight is not a substitute for strong will. Thanks to it you can achieve your goals. If you are looking for a slim figure, you need to be consistent.

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