Burn Calories-Match Training to Your Capabilities

Physical exercise contributes to stimulating the secretion of substances called catecholamine amines, which cause breakdown of fat (lipolysis). Physical activity not only facilitates and accelerates weight loss.

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People who lose a few pounds will be less at risk: hypertension or abnormal lipid, carbohydrate. Physical exercise has a positive effect on the lipid profile-it lowers LDL cholesterol, but increases HDL cholesterol, so it can minimize the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes.



Obese people often refrain from exercising due to fear of uncontrolled appetite after the exercise. Now, this situation only occurs in the case of short-term training.

Longer-lasting weight-loss exercises, combined with stress, delay the onset of hunger. So the longer we train, the less we eat.


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However, you should always take into account your own opportunities and gradually lengthen the workout, watching the reaction of the body. Physical activity also contributes to the improvement of well-being through increased secretion of beta-endorphin and nor-adrenaline.



Fit training to your capabilities


Low-intensity slimming exercises:


-work in the garden
-walk at a slow pace
-water activities, free time
-exercises in sitting position, eg in a chair
-yoga (body and mind training in an atmosphere of quietness)
-Pilates (exercises that strengthen the deep muscles, shaping correct posture)


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Low-intensity slimming exercises can be performed even by people who are overweight. They do not cause a sharp increase in heart rate, they do not overload the movement. From them, it is worth starting your adventure with physical activity and gradually progress to moderate intensity training.


Slimming exercises of moderate intensity:


-march at a faster pace
-mid-tempo aerobics
-magic bar (aerobics with barbell, weights)
-balls (classes using large, flexible balls)
-Aqua aerobic (choreographed in water)
-leisure swimming at a slow pace, such as a frog
-gym exercises




This type of activity can be used by people who feel energized to cope with increased exercise intensity, have a few extra pounds to lose, and enjoy improved physical fitness.


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This form of training can be used by advanced people who have already lost part of the “extra body”. Certainly not recommended to these classes of obese people because of the high risk of injury and the risk of overload of the body or the spine.


High-intensity slimming exercises:


-ABF (classes with focus on lower body slimming)
-TBC (strengthening and slimming exercises using dumbbells, special gums, steppes)
-step (training in the form of a choreographic arrangement realized -using steppe – a special platform)
-fat burner (activities aimed at burning fat)
-dance (dance classes)
-bicycles, spinning (stationary bike training in the atmosphere of the created route, varying degrees of intensity)
-energy kick (activities that use mainly vigorous blows and kicks)
-fast running
-fast dance
-fast swimming



In tracking the results of weight loss exercises, you will be able to help you with physical activity logs in which you will record activity, duration, day. You can also write down all the feelings that accompanied the effort (you will notice that the mood has improved considerably).

Your diary will allow you to monitor your progress (you can save kilograms, centimeters in circuits) and will help you to use the regularity principle.


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