Swimming Plan for Weight Loss

In your struggles for beautiful silhouette do you consider swimming for slimming? According too many specialists, swimming allows you to quickly burn fat, improve your metabolism, strength, and endurance.

Swimming is a way of effectively slimming also because it works on practically all the muscles of the body. What’s more, swimming is also health. It does not burden the joints as it does in the case of running, and also exercises the lungs.

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Swimming is a sport and a form of physical activity that develops the muscles of the whole body. Swimming benefits the spine shapes the chest muscles and reduces muscle tension. Prior to swimming training, a warm-up should be performed to stimulate the heart and prepare the body for increased physical activity.



Water sport is addressed to everyone regardless of age and sex, and especially to people who have problems with the spine and overweight. Swimming allows you to quickly burn calories.


Swimming – the effect on health


What are the effects of swimming? Swimming improves overall health, shapes the spine muscles, slimmer and gives you great satisfaction – these are only a few of the many advantages of this sport.

Swimming improves fitness and is beneficial for the whole body. It is designed for everyone regardless of age and gender, both for physically active people and for those who are just beginning to train.


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Swimming at regular intervals improves respiratory and circulatory functions and improves metabolism. Swimming is a good way to quench your body because it immunizes our body for the common cold. When you move in the water, the blood in the body is circulating better, and all nerve cells are oxygenated.



For whom to swim? This sport is ideal for people with spinal disorders. Physical activity strengthens the muscles and reduces pain, improves the condition of our body, corrects posture defects, strengthens the skeleton, prevents skeletal defects. People who swim very often, almost never tan and have a simple silhouette.


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Gymnastics in water greatly influences the work of the heart and the entire blood system. Water exerts pressure on our body. The lymph is displaced from tissues into the vascular system. The heart pumping a certain amount of blood. Blood vessels become more flexible, so the muscles of the whole body are more oxygenated. During swimming, the body is arranged in a horizontal position, which is beneficial to the heart, which pumps blood perfectly.


Swimming – breathing


In swimming training, the ability to breathe is very important. Breathing during swimming is shorter than breathing during jogging, so the athlete takes the air with his mouth. During this operation, you must remember to empty the lungs thoroughly during exhalation. When the head emerges, it must open its mouth and air will quickly fill the lungs due to the pressure difference.



Proper breathing while swimming depends on the driving force off the hands the pace of movement should depend on the pace of the breath. It is worth remembering that in swimming even breathing is an exercise.

The muscles responsible for proper breathing work more efficiently than during landings. These results in the development of the chest muscles, and the entire respiratory system is improving. The effects of breathing can be observed after a few weeks of training.


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Swimming has many advantages, so swimming training is worth the time in the weekly schedule. Learn to swim under the guidance of an instructor, who will also choose the style of swimming, depending on what we want to achieve: whether to drop unnecessary pounds or care for the backbone, or perhaps build up the chest muscles.

Swimming is probably one of the easiest ways to lose weight. However, keep in mind that in order to start burning calories, we must accelerate your heart rate and maintain it for at least 20 minutes.


Do not take breaks before your body starts burning unnecessary fat!


Regular swimming slimming by:

-improves metabolism, which means that everything you eat is -faster burned by the body;
-strengthens all muscles;
-burns fat;
-shapes the silhouette.



For swimming to help us burn fat, we need to regularly exercise this type of physical activity. Slimming people are advised to visit the pool at least 2-3 times a week. For half an hour swimming in the pool, we can burn up to 450 calories, depending on how much we swim, what style we chose and what our weight. If swimming alone is not enough, we can put the gymnastics in the pool (aqua aerobics).


Advantages of swimming


The benefits of swimming are not just for slimming people swimming at the pool can be children, pregnant women and people who have problems with joints. Swimming has positive effects on health, both mental and physical:

-Exercise in water significantly reduces stress levels and improves mood;
-swimming is safe for the joints, does not burden them, thereby reducing the risk of injury;faster metabolism also improves blood cholesterol levels;

-faster metabolism also improves blood cholesterol levels;
-People who practice sports such as swimming rarely suffer from hypertension;
-By improving the silhouette, swimming also raises the self-esteem.


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It is possible to swim almost anyone, even pregnant women recommend this type of activity because swimming significantly strengthens various muscle groups (including arms, abdomen). Also, unlike running, we can swim all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Therefore, swimming can become our recipe forever slim figure. Choosing a swim style is an individual matter, although overweight people are advised to swim with a frog.



Effective slimming

Slimming is great fun while improving your health and fitness. In addition to regular swimming, follow these tips to improve your weight loss:


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