How to Fight With Autumn Depression?

We all struggle with the seasonal decline in the mood. Autumn sadness can be a minor ailment, which is easily forgotten. It can also turn into a disease, reminding itself of each year and significantly deteriorating the quality of life.


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Seasonal Affective Disorder is a disease characterized by periodically occurring depressive disorders. These disorders usually appear in autumn (October or November) and they resolve spontaneously in the spring (March, April). The disease is more likely to affect women than men. Recently it has been increasingly emphasized that it can also attack children.



The main symptom of seasonal depression is depression. In addition, patients complain of long-standing feelings of depression and sadness, concentration problems, unreasonable anxiety, and increased drowsiness.

Symptoms are the same as in classic depression. They cause emotional and cognitive disturbances. They can also bounce on the physical health of man. To be able to diagnose SAD, these symptoms must appear in at least 2 years and last for at least 2 weeks.


Treatment of seasonal depression


To understand the treatment of this disease, you must first understand its causes. They are not well-known but are suggested to being due to reduced access to light and lower temperatures.


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In the past, when the life cycle of a person was strictly dependent on the seasons and natural, it was a decrease in physical activity in the autumn and winter. Today is expected to be fully engaged throughout the year.



The most commonly used treatment method is photo therapy, carried out using fluorescent lamps. Eye irradiation causes increased secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin, often referred to as the hormone of happiness.

In addition to light treatment patients also use antidepressants. Psychotherapy is also indispensable.


How to improve the mood?


Here are some proven ways to improve your mood at any time:

1. To improve your mood, start over. Avoid stressful work and conflict situations. Do not allow too much work on your shoulders. Plan your time so that you can make it all the time, and also have time for yourself.

2. If you find that inferior mood is actually associated with changing aura outside the window, consider autumn holidays in warm countries. Can you give up summer vacation for an exotic getaway in October? The tropical sun will help solve the problem of lack of light, will add energy and will make you forget about everything for a moment.



3. Try cryotherapy or cold medicine. This is a method of short-term effects on the body at extremely low temperatures. In practice, chambers are used where the temperature is well below -100 ° C, which enters a few seconds or minutes. Such a low temperature causes the blood vessels to expand, to accelerate blood circulation and to better oxygenate the tissues.


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4. Think about your diet. It turns out that what we eat affects the functioning of the nervous system. The previously mentioned serotonin is produced in the body with the participation of two nutrients-tryptophan and carbohydrates. One of the most abundant sources of tryptophan is bananas. In turn, carbohydrates are found in grits, pasta, rice or whole grains.



5. Use aromatherapy. Natural perfume oils can be used to treat nervous disorders. It has recently been demonstrated that lavender and bergamot oil are the most effective in relieving the symptoms of depression. You can use them to aromatize the air (e.g. in an aromatic fireplace) or as a bath additive.


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6. More often go out. First, of all, you’ll get used to it, and secondly, you’ll use the glimmer of the sun. Walking allows you to relax and calm down. They are also an ideal opportunity to think about some issues.



7. Remember the workout. Physical activity causes increased endorphin secretion. When you get bored, tired or lethargic, think about cycling, yoga, swimming or even jogging. Autumn outside the window should not scare you. On the contrary, motivated to systematically play the sport. Of course, one that gives you a lot of pleasure.


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8. If you feel that you cannot control the situation yourself, bad mood does not allow you to function normally and you cannot help yourself, do not be afraid to get help from the specialist. Psychiatrists and psychologists are specialists who can really intervene.



9. See more often with friends. Improved mood guaranteed.


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