How To Set Realistic Goals For Weight Loss?

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to lose weight and deciding on your reasons will help you to focus on the finish line and the results you hope to achieve. The Journal of the American Dietetic Association recommends setting short, medium, and long-term goals in order to achieve maximum results.


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Do you want to lose weight and feel better about yourself?

The first step towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is to develop a plan of action.


Start by evaluating your goals.


Do you want to fit into your old jeans or keep up with your younger friends in a pickup basketball game? Maybe you just want to feel better about yourself.



After setting goals, you should begin to consider how to improve your goals. For most people, lifestyle changes, through diet and exercise, are needed to achieve long-term goals for weight loss. You need to increase circulation and stimulate lymphatic function.

This will help to eliminate toxins from the body and increase metabolism, helping to make your dietary and active exercise programs much more effective.


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Setting a goal is an important part of weight loss – if we know where we are going, it is easier for us to go in that direction. Unfortunately, in practice, it is harder to set a realistic goal and strive for it.

Often when we choose to lose weight our enthusiasm does not allow us to think “soberly” about what we are going to do and decide for example to lose 30 pounds a month, which is rather impossible. When we set a goal that we can not achieve, we quickly get discouraged and all the work goes to waste.



The goal must be specific


Telling myself “I want to lose unnecessary kilograms” is quite a vague statement. I do not know what to do with it, because there are so many kilos I want to lose, etc. Specified plans can be realized, they work better, they teach us responsibility. Specifically, the goal looks like this:


I want to drop 20 pounds in four months.

By the end of the year, I want to run more than 5 kilometers a day.


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You need to be able to measure progress

It is easier to keep track of your achievements if they can be recorded, measured. Therefore, the notebook is so useful during weight loss and that is why the goals that we face should be easy to measure. “I want more energy” – this is not possible to measure. But if the goal is to aerobic exercise every other day. 15 minutes on a stationary bike can be saved in the notebook and see when the time is right again for training.



Be realistic


This rule should actually be the # 1 rule. If you set a goal, remember that this goal must be real. You will not fool yourself by deciding on the impossible. There is no such thing as a miracle diet or getting a perfect figure in two months. Think about how much time you can devote to training, how much self-denial you have to keep an eye on what to eat and to set a goal that you will be able to reach.


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Forgive me


Life has it that it spoils many plans and slimming is no exception. Not once will you miss training or eat something you should not even think about. Such mistakes will mean that when you come to the appointed time it may turn out that instead of the intended 20 funts you have only lost 15. This does not necessarily mean failure. In this situation, set yourself a new goal, rethink everything and fight (now you know how to do it). A new goal – to lose 5 funts in two months.

Good luck!


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